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That Itch Stuff featured in Game & Fish Magazine

Poisonous Plants: Identify or Itch Like Crazy

Excerpt from Game & Fish Magazine:

"Try a topical over the counter cream such as Dr. Burkenstock’s That Itch Stuff. This ‘stuff’ is made to combat any itch, whether from nasty bug bites or an unwelcome tryst with poisonous plants. A product of the Deep sweaty and itchy South, the ‘stuff’ can really make a difference."

That Itch Stuff featured in Hunt Daily

Knock Out Hunting Misery For Good!

Excerpt from Hunt Daily:

"Fortunately, we recently came across a product that puts the whammy on the itch caused by poisonous plants and biting, stinging bugs. A company called Dr. Burkenstock’s makes it, and it has made our life in the outdoors a lot more bearable."

That Itch Stuff featured in Hunting Life

Dr. Burkenstock's "That Itch Stuff": No Mess, No Smell, No More Itching

Excerpt from Hunting Life:

"For the rest of the 50 years he was in practice, Dr. Burkenstock would have patients coming to him specifically for "that itch stuff." Three generations of Burkenstock pharmacists later, Dr. Burkenstock's skin irritation cream is still called "That Itch Stuff" – and it still works."

That Itch Stuff featured in Bow Hunting

Dr. Burkenstock's 'That Itch Stuff' – Be Itch Free and Enjoy the Outdoors

Excerpt from Bow Hunting:

"That's exactly why you should bring Dr. Burkenstock's That Itch Stuff with you every time you go fishing, camping or hiking. That Itch Stuff is a lotion designed to provide relief to irritated skin from insect bites, poison oak, ivy or sumac. It even works on chigger bites."

That Itch Stuff featured in AmmoLand

Campers Need Dr. Burkenstock's

Excerpt from AmmoLand:

"Tens of thousands of people go camping each weekend. Unfortunately, they don’t just experience the natural beauty of the great outdoors – they are greeted by millions of biting, annoying bugs, hot sun, and that innocent looking but evil plant – poison ivy."

That Itch Stuff featured in 24 Hour Campfire

Dr. Burkenstock's "That Itch Stuff"

Excerpt from 24 Hour Campfire:

"With Dr. Burkenstock's That Itch Stuff you can get relief and continue to focus on your hunting and fishing. Because fishin' is more fun than itchin'!"

That Itch Stuff featured in Four Wheeler

Cool New Products for Your Jeep

Excerpt from Four Wheeler:

"Do you love the outdoors but always seem to get into more than your share of poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and biting insects? Dr. Burkenstock's That Itch Stuff may be the relief you need. "

That Itch Stuff featured in Bow Hunting

No Mess, No Smell, No More Itching

Excerpt from Bow Hunting:

"A handy supply of Dr. Burkenstock’s That Itch Stuff can save the day safely and effectively – even if, as the original Dr. Burkenstock was purported to say, that mosquito “was big enough to mate with a bulldog.”"

Dr. Burkenstock's featured in This Week On OLR

This Week On OLR: Dr. Burkenstock's Products

Outdoors with Larry Rea:

Listen to Larry Rea's radio interview with Steven Faucheaux and BJ Burkenstock about Dr. Burkenstock's products, including That Itch Stuff and That Lip Stuff.
Listen to interview...

That Mold Stuff featured in AmmoLand

Protect Your Outdoor Gear with Dr. Burkenstock’s "That Mold Stuff" Spray

Excerpt from AmmoLand:

"As an added bonus Dr. Burkenstock’s also formulated That Mold Stuff with UV protection to prevent fabrics and other surfaces from deterioration when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Now you can protect your outdoor gear from mold and mildew AND from fading and dry rotting from the harsh sunlight."