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Dr. Burkenstock’s products are born of necessity. Insect bites, poison ivy rashes and other skin irritants can rob the outdoor enthusiast of enjoyment during his or her time in the Great Outdoors, and that’s just not okay. In fact, it’s our goal to take the pain, itch and irritation out of the outdoor experience, and Dr. Burkenstock’s products do just that.

With time-tested performance dating back to 1912, Dr. Burkenstock’s flagship product, That Itch Stuff, is as relevant and effective now as it was 100 years ago. After all, mosquitoes, fire ants, poison ivy and poison sumac haven’t changed since then and neither has our sensitivity to these outdoor skin irritants.

Dr. Lloyd Burkenstock Jr's legend begins with a young man roaming Louisiana’s swamps and bayous in pursuit of game, fish and fun. But, his sensitive skin was tormented by the same insects and plants that plague many an outdoor enthusiasts today. Lucky for those with an adventurous spirit, Dr. Burkenstock, who just happened to be a pharmacist, decided he was going to do something about it. With a focused determination, he spent hours in his pharmacy testing and combining ingredients known for their soothing and healing properties until he perfected a blend that provided him with the immediate relief he needed.

Dr. Burkenstock began providing the cream to his patients who raved about its effectiveness as well. In fact, he treated patients with this cream for the 50 years he was in practice, but the legend doesn’t end there. The formula was passed down through three generations of Burkenstock pharmacists and is now available to the public in the form of Dr. Burkenstock’s That Itch Stuff.

That Itch Stuff is joined by several other Dr. Burkenstock's products that contain the most effective healing and protective ingredients available, making them worthy of the Dr. Burkenstock name – one that is synonymous with quality and relief. So try Dr. Burkenstock’s products today, and get back outdoors.